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Abstract Glow
Image by averie woodard



I am an Expressive Arts Facilitator, Certified Master Sound Healer, and Earth based healer.

    I am a medicine woman.  I'm an Immersive Meditation Leader, Sacred Circle Holder, Dual Licensed Aesthetician and Massage Therapist, Certified Master Sound Healer and Trainer, and Certified Reiki Master.

With this integrative platform, I encourage self-recognition and exploration through authentic expressive movement, bodywork, sacred ceremony, sound healing, earth medicine, breathwork and silence, expressive arts practice, somatic movement, and evidence based science.

At some point in our lives, we must embark upon a journey deep into the vast landscape of the psyche.  Standing at the roots of our own suffering, you will have to unearth layers of emotional sediment and dust off the layers of your past. Awakening the true self, the instinctual nature, and re-connecting with our own sacred medicine.  

This is my journey of remembering, of connecting to the sacred rhythms of nature, of Ancestral Wisdom, and walking the path of soulful reclamation.  Thus, I created this sacred space, for us to commune with our deepest, innermost selves.


Over the years I have come to find, that all of the deep soul searching, the excavation, the regeneration, all the work I have done, the mending of my brokenness, is finally starting to flourish in my life.  I spent years exploring my edges, cultivating spaces where I could nurture my expansion.


I began this work, because my life had become completely unmanageable.  With deeply repressed trauma and unhealthy coping mechanisms, I was shattered and hopeless, trapped within the terrifying world of derealization, a type of dissociation.  I was disconnected from my body and my surroundings, nothing felt real.  I thought I was going insane. Living through seemingly endless trauma and abuse due to low self-esteem and no boundaries, I fell into the insidious darkness of addiction.  I spent years in self destruction, ultimately becoming a hollow shell of my true self.  I had two choices.  I had to choose to either do the healing work of deep soul reclamation or die young.

I have learned so much, worked so hard, and experienced amazing things that I never dreamed were possible for me. I have found myself; I have reconnected to my center and to the divine, I am finally in alignment. I have accomplished everything I've set out to do, I have listened to my souls deep yearning, and I have answered.


So I worked. I wandered the endless desert, I searched for and found my remains, I dug out my bones, collected each one. I reassembled them, I sang my mourning song into them, then my soul song, I breathed my last breath desperately into them. Then I watched them as they rose from the ground.

This is why I hold these alchemical containers, for us to remember how to embody our interconnectedness and lead us back home to ourselves.  Creating transformational journeys, workshops, classes and retreats to engage and inspire.

You are ready to move beyond old energies and limitations.  

Reconnect to your innate inner rhythms, 


Rise into radiance.

Reawaken and reclaim your sacred within.




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