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My Story

At some point in our lives, we must embark upon a journey deep into the vast landscape of the psyche. Standing at the roots of your own suffering, you will unearth layers of emotional sediment and gloriously dust off the layers of your past. Awakening the true self, the instinctual nature, and reconnect with your own sacred medicine. I am a Dual Licensed Aesthetician and Massage Therapist, Artist, Expressive Arts Facilitator, Certified Master Sound Healer, and Reiki Master. I am a Medicine Woman. I am an Immersive Meditation Leader, and Sacred Circle Holder. With this integrative platform, I encourage self-recognition and exploration through authentic expressive movement, wellness services and practice, skincare and bodywork, ceremony, and evidence based neuroscience. This is my journey of remembering, of connecting to the sacred rhythems of nature, of ancestral wisdom, and walking the path of soulful reclammation. My work is to support you while you commune with your deepest, innermost self. My work is to cultivate a space to nurture expansion through deep soul excavation. I began this work because my life had become so deeply dysfunctional that I became a fragment of myself. This is why I hold these alchemical containers, for us to remember how to embody our interconnectedness and lead us back home to ourselves. Are you ready to move beyond old energies and limitations and reconnect to your innate inner rhythems? Are you ready to rise into radiance? To reawaken and reclaim your own sacred within?

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