Group Meditation

My journey

I have always been very sensitive, intuitive and creative.  From a very young age I was very bothered by the world, and as I grew this feeling of disconnection and longing only grew.  

On my search for meaning, I discovered many useful tools.  Tools that would aid me, guide me, and nourish me, as I explored different philosophies and religious belief systems.  

Then I came to a place in my life, of great pain.  This was my initiation, I came to realize, this was when I started to explore the depths of my psyche, the darkest times in my life, my trauma.

Not long after this, Spirit Echo was born.  I had awakened my inner fire, the wise woman within me.  The more I embraced my authentic truth, the more my life filled with purpose and meaning.

I could not live another day on this sacred planet, if I didn't share these tools with those who are still seeking. I will continue to pursue and follow this calling, and I am excited to see how it unravels, and where it will take me.

For right now, this website and blog, social media, and the services I offer, are how I honor and give back, to all that is.  We are all an echo of the great spirit, and we need to work to raise the vibration of the collective conscious, and the first step to doing that, is going deep within.