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Leaves Shadow

Your Fierce, Free And Sovereign SelfIs Waiting

I'm Sean Kathleen, the Creative Director of Spirit Echo Healing. At some point in our lives, we must embark upon a journey deep into the vast landscape of the psyche.  Standing at the roots of your own suffering, you will unearth layers of emotional sediment and gloriously dust off the layers of your past. ​Awakening the true self, the instinctual nature, and reconnect with your own sacred medicine. ​Neuroscience teaches us that while there are parts of the mind that we can see and verbalize, there are much larger parts of the mind that are hidden from view and cannot be put into language (AKA the subconscious mind.) Talk therapy and CBT are effective in many ways but they cannot reach the subconscious mind (which is where all the trauma is stored and suppressed, leaving us with unhealthy coping mechanisms, dysfunction, limiting beliefs, negative self talk, unhealthy patterns, etc...) Through expressive arts practices, meditation, mindfulness, yoga, somatic experiencing, trauma-informed bodywork, sound healing etc, we are able to reach deep into our unconscious and subconscious programming, and begin to reclaim ourselves, piece by piece. The sensations, emotions, thoughts, and images that are often revealed by these modalities are your body and mind’s way of expressing deep, subconscious truths that have shaped and conditioned you.  The subconscious mind speaks through metaphor, and until you learn to speak the language of the psyche, you will never be able to fully integrate all those fractured aspects of self. My goal is to support you while you commune with your deepest, innermost self.  I have cultivated a space to nurture conscious expansion through deep soul excavation, so that you can powerfully step into this deep soul work of creative expression, bodywork,  ritual, ceremony, and conscious embodiment, connecting each of us to our own innate inner rhythms by using integrative body-mind practices. Your Fierce, Free And Sovereign Self Is Waiting It takes committed effort to disrupt dysfunctional patterns. This is our work. It’s not easy but there is deep soul-nourishment in the work. This is a journey of remembering, of connecting to the sacred rhythms of nature, of ancestral wisdom, and walking the path of soulful reclamation. My work is to support you while you commune with your deepest, innermost self.   ​This is why I hold these alchemical containers, for us to remember how to embody our interconnectedness and lead us back home to ourselves. ​ This is all about remembrance - a process of unlocking of ancient, dormant codes that are yearning to come alive within you.  Many of us have forgotten the guidance and beauty that comes from sitting within our own inner landscape.  We learn to spend too long journeying within other peoples worlds, weather patterns, rules and ideas, so all too soon, we forget the beauty of our own ecology and the deep oceans of our longing. We can end up feeling disconnected and lost within our inner landscape, growing scared of the wolves that roam within, wary of the medicine that wants to grow there, ashamed of the untamed spirit that wants to rewild us and deeply detached from the community and inner council of senses, heart, mind, gut and bone. Within, under the handed down stories, the taming and domestication, is something deeply wild and deeply loving of who we are. A will to thrive, to grow well and have a meaningful life.  Our wild and essential self, always attuned to our right life, it cant be swayed, it is the most incredible guide if you can remember how to feel its language. Just like a compass, supremely useful when you know how to use it.  But how we treat ourselves, the conditions we find ourselves in, and the beliefs and stories we carry about who we innately are, is integral to our ability to connect to it and allow ourselves to, flourish and grow.

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