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Are you longing for meaning?  For something greater?  Does it feel like there's something more to life that you are just not seeing? Do you feel a great disconnection and you don't know why? 

I am here to help you navigate through the shadows to find your true inner being of light. 

I offer a highly adaptive, innovative, multifaceted approach to support and empower you as you step into your own instinctual nature. Integrating evidence based and creative methods. Jungian based depth oriented concepts, creative and intuitive art process, free association writing, journaling, creative visulization,  sound healing, energy work, concepts from Core Energetics, Radical Aliveness, Shamanic practices, massage therapy, conscious embodiment, active imagination, storyhealing, archetypal symbology, restore and deepen your authentic connection to mother earth to engage your own deep wisdom harness the sacred power of inner knowing, cultivating wholeness, and expansion. Going far beyond old stories and limitations. 

I am a licensed Esthetician and Massage Therapist, certified Reiki practitioner, Certified Immersive Meditation Leader, Womens Sacred Circle Holder, Certified Master Sound healer, Artist and Writer.

I am here to help those who are seeking, by offering guidance, encouragement and nourishment for the soul.

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Why do this work?

The wound is where light enters you -Rumi

When we are hurt, we begin to close down and become very small, we start to separate from our authentic soul center and we become fragmented, our self view then becomes very limited. 

Our habitual conditioning is to run away from the pain, bury it deep somewhere and try to forget it.  Unfortunately, trauma can become trapped in the body, manifesting as different emotions like anxiety, anger, and depression.  Trauma can also manifest as physical pain! 

To do this deep work, the work of recognizing and letting go of self limiting patterns and conditioning, you will begin to step into a place of deep abiding wisdom and authenticity. As we release these old energies, it opens up space for us to reclaim the ancient fabric of wholeness.

"Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct your life and you'll call it fate." 

If we as individuals, raise our own unique vibrational frequencies, and allow ourselves to enter a space of higher consciousness, equanimity and balance, our entire culture will begin to shift.

As we move forward and continue challenge painful dynamics, break out of old thinking patterns and conditioning, humanity as a whole will start to evolve.  We will begin to move toward being a deeper culture, a culture of profound tenderness, compassion and open awareness. 


"The shadow provides the edge, the outline of the container, the negative space in the mandala of our behaviour and interactions with the world.  

By all means keep her dark, but let her speak.  Hold her hand and let her dance her dark and powerful dance."

Kasia Gwilliam

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