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Activating your inner knowing

Sit in the present moment and sense into what is emerging.

Intuition is the bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind. Your intuition conveys information that you are not yet consciously aware of, and it is imbued with feelings and not logic. An intuitive person will be capable of generating surprising insights without using a logical or rational thinking process.

Intuition comes from your instinct-based subconscious mind. Your intuition comes from your right brain and is connected to the reptilian (instinctive) and limbic (emotional) parts of your brain. This older brain system instinctively senses what feels right and wrong, true and false for you.

Your unhealed emotions, caused by your unaccepted shadow, cloud your intuition. Whenever you let go of your insecurities (through shadow work) you can more freely embrace your intuition. You need intuition to generate an original life that suits you uniquely. 

As children, we learned which behaviours caused approval and disapproval from family, teachers, and friends. We developed the sides of ourselves that were acceptable and repressed what was not. This formed our idealized self and its opposite shadow.The characteristics that we denied became our shadow. And, the qualities that hid in our shadow aren’t typically bad; they are just the ones that were not rewarded or approved of by our family system, community, religion or culture.

A person can only live as authentically as he/she has embraced their deepest darkness as the gateway to her most brilliant light. Together we walk, reclaiming the crown of sovereignty that lives down in our roots.

Unveiling the lies that we live by can ultimately help reveal the truth."~ Miranda J. Barrett

Check out my blog post about The Shadow

When you do Shadow work, you can learn to love and care for the rejected parts of yourself. When you are not so busy trying to repress what feels unacceptable within, it will feel much easier to focus in the present moment.

Intuitive painting is a wonderful way to develop acute inner observation needed to increase intuition. All you have to do is a sense inside your body, and ask your intuition to speak to you through lines, colours and shapes. 

Here's a link to my free intuitive art course for more information and practices

I found this wonderful story, unfortunately I don't know who wrote it. 😞

Once Upon a Time,

A maiden was given a map to descend down into the depths of her innermost being to discover who and what she is really made of. Her time to cross the threshold into her inner underworld was marked by the first flow of the crimson tides, the season of womb winter when her womb shed her first menstrual blood onto the white snow.

This path of descent would be marked with the wisdom of women before her who had crossed these thresholds time and time again, with every black moon, every shedding of the womb, and every winter season.

And yet, the journey was hers to take alone, to discover her own innermost treasure through the unknown.

Through descending into her inner underworld, the maiden would meet her darker nature, her primal wild self, the guardian keeper of death and all of her mysteries, and through this reunion she would learn to trust and weave more of her power into the world as love itself. These descents would deepen her roots to receive the nourishment necessary to blossom authentically into a sovereign lover, mother, queen, priestess, and eventually wise crone.

But through the dawn of patriarchy, these ways of nature were lost, forgotten, buried, hidden, and burned on the cross. Our priestesses became prostitutes, our blood became a curse, our humanity became sinful, and the Earth wisdom ways of Goddess became demonized and feared. Women no longer consciously descended as a magical initiation and avoided the fertile darkness where our power hides.

Which is why so many women find themselves today, lost on the path of wild awakening, victims of external dark forces while avoiding the inner dark sources, not knowing how to cross the thresholds of rebirth, turning against themselves and demonizing the inner allies that are here to help us awaken, heal, bloom, rise, and graciously die to be reborn again.

Many of us are here to change this pattern and finally break the spells in our lineages that shame our pure primal wild nature, and retrieve the full whole true beauty of woman in both heaven and in hell.

We have arrived at a time in our collective story, when humanity has now descended into the dark abyss of underworld consciousness, into the blackness of the mystery where all is coming un-done to be re-born in a higher state of consciousness, where the feminine reclaims her rightful place on her throne once again.

We can fight this, or we can become Queens of this, ushering humanity home to the wild awakening of which we all belong.

We are midwives for the great changing, and our rebirth depends on each of us retrieving and reclaiming the power that lives in our deep feminine Source.

To facilitate this great turning, it is time for all women to return to the gateway of descent, to reclaim the crown of self empowerment as Queens in service of love, and to re-weave our ancient pathways for our future generations, through the darkness, through the soil, through the womb, through the blood.

Truth can be burned and buried, but it never dies. It is hidden in our ancient mythologies, in the wisdom of nature, and in our sacred feminine bodies. We can retrieve this knowing for the redemption of our world now.

Everything is hiding within us.Let us re-member.Let us re-birth.

Let us return to our thronesas Queens of the Underworldfor the well being of all.

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