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Each day now, we have choices to make as to how we live our lives. We choose the actions that we take and the decisions that we make.  These daily choices will shape who we each are becoming and will shape the world that together we co-create.

We create ourselves by what we choose to notice. Once this work of self-authorship has begun, we inhabit the world we've created. We self-seal. We don't notice anything except those things that confirm what we already think about who we already are.

Here are some important ways to attune to what is in alignment with your soul self and in alignment with these energies guiding us in this time as you make your choices:

- Does this decision enliven and empower you or drain and deplete you?

- Does this choice help you to feel more in balance and more in harmony with your true self and with others and in right relationship with the natural environment where you live?

- If this action or choice was a song, does it resonate with the song of your heart and soul?  Does it feel in harmony with the music of the spheres or does it feel "discordant" or "out of tune"?

- Are the energies and fruits of this choice about evolution, growth, increasing consciousness and compassion or are they about repeating old patterns, leaving you feeling constricted?

- Is this choice harmful to yourself, to others or to the Earth or does it move you in a direction that is healing, transformational and creative?

“May we listen to the songs of the planets and stars and be in harmony with the music of the spheres.  Blessed be.”

~ Heather Ensworth, astrologer

“Nothing changes until it changes within you. So this month attempt doing regular body scans and notice where your “feet” are standing on all levels. Are you feeling yourself standing on solid ground and supported by spiritual forces? Do you need to just rest and let go of doing anything? There has to be a period of rest before a period of growth, or you won’t have the energy for the next stage of growth."

~ Sandra Ingerman

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