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Creative prompt for exploring color

Creative prompts are such a wonderful jumping off point for art making. Here’s a creative prompt for exploring colours. Colour is such an important part of our visual and spacial experience. It can create an atmosphere, soothe and stimulate our senses. In our homes we tend to collect objects, clothing and art materials of colours that we are drawn to. There is inspiration around us all the time…


A color that makes you feel calm

Take a look at your surroundings, searching for this color, taking it all in, letting your senses explore.

Bring to your mind's eye a colour that brings you calm or joy.

Forage around your home and find items similar to that colour.

Create a temporary installation with the items in a part of your home that you'll see through out the day.

Dismantle when you feel it's time to let it go.


I love this prompt because it's easy for things in our environment to become unseen or become background noise. So this prompt really asks you to pay attention to your environment as if you are seeing it for the first time.

  1. Gather together some colourfuls items.

  2. Find a location you might like to set up your installation in.

  3. Play around with your arrangment until you feel complete.

  4. Allow your senses to bathe in the visual and spatial elements you have created.

  5. Journal whatever thoughts or emotions arise.

  6. When you are ready dismantle your colour installation.

  7. Journal about your experience and takeaway.

This is a wonderful mindfulness practice, and it reminds me to incorporate this exercise more into my daily life, not just with color, but with everything. The sensory stimulating and the mundane. Soak it all in. Every moment is sacred, everything is art.

This also reminds me of the importance of ceremony, drawing one's attention and focus to the magic of everyday life.

Mindfulness means to pay attention to the present moment without judgement. Being mindful means that we must hone in on our five senses- see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. When we are mindful, we are using our senses to pay attention to the current moment.

When we are grounded, we are in the present moment.

Using our breath as an anchor can help calm our nervous system. When we begin to connect with our breath, it helps us be present. When we are present, we accept our reality as it is without judgement. During meditation, we accept our thoughts as they are. We notice our breathing patterns, our body sensations, and our emotions.

Creative expression is not only a wonderful outlet, but it also can help with practicing mindfulness. Coloring is a great way to be in the present, while focusing our attention on what we are doing. Mindfulness coloring books often include calming images that help relax the brain, specifically the amygdala which is the part of the brain that is responsible for emotional responses. Painting, drawing, and journaling are excellent ways to creatively express ourselves and be present. Coloring can also create a meditative state and slow down a racing mind.

Much love ❤️

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