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Embodied Creativity

We are being asked at this time to reflect on the things we want to bring into fruition. The things within ourselves or through our experiences that we know are asking for change. These energies are supporting us in propelling forward. Have the courage to cut cords to limited ways of thinking and doing, and be with yourself in full support of those changes. When the desire to grow is stronger than the desire to stay comfortable the unthinkable happens. Change occurs. Waking up is not just about seeing consciousness with fresh eyes. Waking up is also about seeing your programs for what they are, and making the intention to grow beyond them.

The core energy of who you are and the vibrational field you carry has a profound effect on all those with whom you come in contact. There's nothing you need to do to make your energy stronger, better, or higher in frequency. It does not need to be adjusted, altered, or activated. It already is all of those things. By believing that your energy needs to be improved, you are actually limiting the force and flow of it with thoughts of lack. You did not come to this earth to improve your energy. You have the ability to effect an uplift the energy of anyone you come into contact with. Spirit is asking you to place your awareness on this. You and the energy you hold, is intended to aid and benefit your fellow human. In your own unique way, through whatever it is you do, your energy makes an important and valuable contribution to this planet. It is time for you to claim your energy and the power you hold. By focusing on how you use it and how it affects others you are aligning your field to its intended purpose - to make a lasting and positive change in the lives of others.

You are ready to move beyond energies or situations that are no longer helpful to you and to make space in your life for something more purposeful. You may feel a real need for clearing out at this time, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too. As you remove the clutter and debris from your world, you welcome in the energy of transformation. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, you are ready to move beyond the previous limitations of your life. You are moving away from stagnancy or the feeling of being held back and are taking the heavy energies of your life and making them light, so that you can fully embrace who you were born to be.

This is about remembrance - a process of unlocking of ancient, dormant codes that are yearning to come alive within you. 

Are you feeling the call to distill your medicine, anchor evolutionary codes and ground inspiration into matter?  

"Make your body become an instrument for source to anchor beauty into this world

Everything you do is in perfect alignment with your soul’s mission

Experience abundance and soulful nourishment by simply allowing yourself to just be.

You have the full support of your spirit guides, ancestors, and soul lineages"

Kyle Gray

Today I state the intention to allow life to provide me with being in Gratitude. May I love, learn, and grow with the changing of the seasons. May I follow my breath, breathe in the fall air, and exhale like a gentle breeze. I breathe in light I breathe out love.


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