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Is this witchcraft?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

(There is a free, pre-recorded guided meditation at the end of this post for you!)

Sooo is this witchcraft??

I get asked this question a lot, regarding my work, and to that I say:

I think somewhere along the line of human evolution, man got a little too excited naming and labeling things.

Everything in existence is multifaceted, fluid by nature.  It is a spectrum that is ever changing and shifting depending upon a multitude of circumstances and variables. To attach a label to something, especially spirituality, is a great disservice to all that is.  This need to understand, to box in and contain, setting limitations to things that are by nature, endlessly expansive and all encompassing.  We are limiting ourselves.

My beliefs cannot be labeled, they are ever changing and boundless.

The best way I can attempt to categorize… is to simply say that my religion is goodness and love.  Everything I do, I do with absolute love (or at least I try to)

I have had many teachers from many different religions, belief systems, cultures and backgrounds.   Much of what I believe and practice is deeply rooted in science, but how can I deny the presence of spirit?

I am a profoundly sensitive individual, therefore sensory input has been a large part of my process.   Sound healing and energy work may appear to be “witchy” or “metaphysical” but if you put this label on it and immediately decide it’s not for you, I believe you are terribly limiting your opportunity for immense growth, and cutting yourself off from profound opportunities.

One of the ways I express myself is with singing bowls.  To me it is similar to prayer.  I try to make everything I do, like a prayer.  I try to live my life as if everything I do is an active offering to God.  I humbly offer myself to the world with every action I take, praying that everything I do, I do with compassion and love.

I frequently ask God, if this is not the way you want me to honor you, please guide me so that I can walk in alignment with what is right, and best for all.  I often feel the response in my heart, that it doesn’t matter how you choose to show your love, God knows your heart.

There are so many forms of prayer and worship…

You can sing, you can dance, you can practice yoga, you can sit in meditation, you can pray in with your loved ones in church, you can chant alone in the mountains, you can teach your children to recycle, you can join a picket line and fight against injustice, you can light a candle for lost loved ones, you can save a turtle crossing the street.

As long as your intentions are pure, and you work for peace and the highest good, I believe that is all that matters.

We are so dismissive of things we aren’t familiar with, or things that we associate with something “wrong”or “evil.”

My greatest gift as a young girl was the gift of curiosity.  I absorbed all sensory information like a sponge, I asked why.  Why is it like this? Why does it do that? How does it work? Why does it work? Why does everyone say it’s evil? Is it really evil? What is evil?

Many of us will get these answers from those who don’t understand completely, and we write it off and consider the door closed, but I questioned the answers.  I even questioned the questions!  I carefully analyzed every detail that I could comprehend, turning each idea over and over again, investigating from every angle, until I found some truth.

I will never say I found THE TRUTH, but I have found a truth, and another truth, and another truth.  At least for me.  Everyone has a different set of truths, and that is fine, I will never condemn another for finding their unique set of truths.  I just hope they don’t stop searching once they find the first one they find. 🙏❤️

For the meditation...

I begin by speaking briefly about the neuroscience and profound benefits of meditation on the brain and nervous system, then I invite you to relax, kick back and slow me to guide you through a powerful mindfulness practice and body scan meditation.

"The goal is to pay attention to sensory experience, rather than to your thoughts about the sensory experience."

Researchers at Harvard, Yale, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found that meditation can alter the physical structure of our brains.

Mindfulness practices help your brain by improving the brains neuroplasticity and repairing old pathways or creating new ones. Thus helping the brain “rewrite” these patterns to improve well-being.

Listen to your free meditation here:

By practicing daily mindfulness and grounding techniques, we sucessfully rewire our brain and build new, healthier neural pathways. 

We are better able to cope with the chaos of daily life and escape old unhealthy patterns and ways of thinking and being.

Your ability to withstand the mundane and sometimes brutal realities of this world is in equal proportion to how well you willingly court wonder. A wise women once taught that our work in the world is to pay attention, which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished. Now is the time to intentionally create a space for wonder. When your heart is full of awe, it becomes a magnet for the magic that lives all around us, but is rarely glimpsed. Become its partner. Embrace enchantment.

From the Oracle Deck: Love Who You Are

by Angi Sullins

Much love ❤️

Sean Kathleen

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