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Healing from within

Updated: Jan 17

Healing our inner child is a very important part of the puzzle. The idea is to dig deep down, to the original source of pain, and work outward from there. Many of us have trauma and inner child wounds that we have neglected. Which lead to unexplained triggers, patterns and reactions that are unhealthy and can lead to many unwanted consequences.


Authentic love never comes at the cost of your boundaries or self-respect.

"The deep critical thinker has become the misfit of the world, this is not a coincidence. To maintain order and control you must isolate the intellectual, the sage, the philosopher, the savant before their ideas awaken people."

~Carl Jung ~

The unconscious mind hides the shadow parts of you that feel insecure, unacceptable, emotionally needy, ashamed or rejected.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that the Shadow could provide profound insight about the missing pieces of our character, and it could be damaging to our lives if not seen, acknowledged and integrated.

Repression, or the failure to embrace your Shadow creates psychological distress. And, your Shadow cannot be destroyed. Even if it is repressed into the dark basement of your psyche now, it will press up to the surface at some point in your life to create havoc so that it must be healed.

Typically, we reject the parts of ourselves that were socially shamed in the past. We learn to dislike parts of ourselves, and then defensively project our Shadow onto others. 

Because projections occur unconsciously, I love to utilize collage to consciously project my activated emotions onto images and words, so that I can better see and accept the rejected parts of myself. 

Intuitive collage involves choosing images and words that have an emotional charge, so that you can see and heal your shadow. 

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The hidden aspects of the psyche that are not as hidden as one might like to think.

In every given moment you are reflecting out into the world the Truth of who you are and where your Consciousness is residing, whether you are aware of it or not. Your words, thoughts, actions, behaviours and energetic frequency are like the store-front of the workings of your inner-most Being.

Shadow Consciousness will have you believe you are stuck, confused, and alone, but in reality Shadows are Portals into your Next Level Self. In fact, they are pointing to exactly what you need to look at in order for Your Next Level Self to Emerge.

Shadows have been misunderstood and that is why most people turn away from them, yet by looking away you’re actually giving them more power.

The thing is, Shadows want to be seen.

They want to be heard.

Their sole purpose is to Awaken your human and  give your Soul the opportunity to Evolve.

In fact, Shadows are Divine Messengers.

The way they get your attention is by causing disruption in your life. It is their ‘job’ to disrupt. They come in the form of confusion, fears, depression, resentments, broken relationships,

dis-ease, lack of purpose, financial difficulties, addictions, creative blocks and an overall feeling

of unfulfillment.

Without this friction there wouldn’t be a need to move to Higher Levels of Consciousness, and we would be stuck in an existence where being less than our Highest Potential would be acceptable.

If you are unable to accept your Shadow, you will struggle with low self-esteem and negative perceptions about yourself. If you do not heal your shadow, your negative self-perceptions can accumulate over time and overwhelm you. Negative self-perceptions lead to anxiety and depression.

Even the act of simply acknowledging your shadow traits through expressive arts exercises and metaphor, and accepting them into your current reality, will bring more balance to your mental and emotional landscape and will heal anxiety and depression.

As you learn to Transcend your Shadows, you begin to understand that they hold your True Power and you see them for the Gifts that they hold. They are not meant to bring you down, but instead they exist to be the exact catalyst you require in order to break through to your Next Level self.

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