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Updated: Jan 27, 2023

What I’m reading: “The Artists Way” by Julia Cameron. This book is about uncovering what makes us human: our creativity. Reading this has brought up a lot of emotional wounds, but it’s also forcing me into a higher alignment.

Music I’m loving: Milky Chance Phase

Quote that resonated: "the deeper that sorrow curves into your being the more joy you can contain" -Kahlil Gibran

Idea that’s on my mind:  The year is releasing itself, letting go with the kind of intense beauty that never fails to inspire awe in me. There was a time I used to dread this season, sensing the darkness closing in; the claustrophobia of the encroaching winter. Now I see how beautiful this time of year is. The sun is…

Lesson Learned this week: A lot came up for me emotionally this week. Unhealed wounds, past patterns, and low energy vibrations overwhelmed me. I had a ton of mental chatter about myself going “backwards” and indulged in some thoughts that didn’t serve me. My lesson this week was about acceptance and release.

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