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What caused the mother wound?

Patriarchy is the principle of domination or "power-over." The most insidious forms of patriarchy are unconsciously passed down from mother to daughter. As little girls growing up in a patriarchal culture, we bonded not only with our mother herself but also with her beliefs, behaviors, and worldview. The Mother Wound is the product of how we are conditioned (to some degree) from an early age to limit and shame ourselves as women.

Like an invisible fence, the Mother Wound keeps us unconsciously confined in certain thoughts, behaviors, and values, until we become ready to make a shift, initiating ownership of our own lives and embodying a unique expression in our mother line.




Principles of patriarchy that give rise to the Mother Wound include:

Prioritizing men over women

Domination, power-over

Suppression of feelings is normalized

Expression of feelings is seen as inherently weak or bad Feeling shame for having needs

Feeling shame for resting or slowing down Need to produce to feel valued

Violation of boundaries

Sense of scarcity of money, time, love, energy Feelings of isolation and disconnection Objectification, not seeing people as people Obedience and compliance are demanded Violence is seen as powerful

Lack of empathy is admired

The dynamics of domination and submission are romanticized/ eroticized Whatever is perceived as feminine is looked down upon

Male is considered the default human being

Racist beliefs that “White is right”

Heterosexuality is the norm and ideal

Sickness or disability is seen as a personal failing

God/Higher Power is male

Session 1: The Legacy We’ve Inherited

1. What were your mother’s beliefs in different areas (romantic relationships, sex, money, her potential, etc.)?

2. How did your mother’s beliefs get conveyed to you (overtly and/or covertly)?

3. How did growing up in the atmosphere of these beliefs affect your life?

4. Are there any beliefs you are carrying that are NOT in alignment with your deeper truths?

5. Revisit each belief from your point of view and update them, consciously choosing what it is that you believe.

How is the Mother Wound showing up in your life? 2. How is it holding you back?

3. Visualize yourself beyond the Mother Wound. What do you want to create? What are you longing to experience? What beliefs in the Mother Wound have been holding you back, that you are ready to let go of?

4. What new beliefs must you step beyond the “maternal horizon” and into your true self, your true destiny?

5. What are some action steps you can take in the next 24 hours, week, or 2 weeks to demonstrate those new beliefs

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