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Owning your authority

13 elements of sovereignty

  1. Self-definition: You are your ultimate authority of truth and what’s right for you.

  2. Setting Boundaries early and often without guilt: Nurturing the Self is a priority.

  3. Being skilled at enduring the Discomfort that comes with Growth.

  4. Knowing that you are sacred, life is sacred, your body and nature is sacred.

  5. Practicing Inner Mothering: An indestructible “Bubble of Belonging” to oneself.

  6. Honoring your body and its limited window of tolerance.

  7. Owning your right to remain centered in your own being, no matter what’s happening.

  8. Resilient in the face of change: Inner safety allows you to allow chips fall where they may.

  9. Knowing your worth cannot be earned. It is inherent, established, not up for debate.

  10. Your pain is entrusted to you to help you grow and evolve; not a source of shame. Feeling the dignity and rejoicing in the wisdom that comes with healing traumatic wounds.

  11. Recognizing patriarchal behaviors in yourself and pivoting away from them. Refusing to self-fragment and self-abandon. Each situation is an opportunity to shed oppressive patterns and stand in integrity.

  12. Discernment: Taking your time to reflect, having healthy skepticism and a critical lens backed by self-worth. Not easily seduced by illusions of fantasy, rescue, perfection or of “us versus them.”

  13. Nourishment in Sisterhood: Finding and nurturing mutual support with other women on the path of embodying their sovereignty is a core piece of women’s liberation. As we heal the Mother Wound, we’re more capable of bonding more deeply with other women.

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