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Reclaiming the fractured soul

My work is largely centered around helping people find those lost parts of themselves, the parts of their souls that had broken off and hid themselves away.

From a young age women are trained to be a certain way, to not shine too brightly or be too bold Or to smart. Our wings are clipped and we are told what we should wear, what music we should listen to, what is Proper etiquette and what should and shouldn’t be talked about. The boys are told to show no emotion or perceived weakness, and especially don’t do anything “like a girl.”

luckily, our culture is beginning to awaken and to question these things, but we still have a lot of broken souls that need mending.

The most obvious manifestation of soul loss is called dissociation, which can be experienced either as derealization or depersonalization or both. This is a trauma response, an anxiety symptom, it’s your brain literally saying, “ok! Too much for me! I can’t process anymore!” And shuts off parts of itself to protect it.

Our soul, our spirit, our energy, our Chi, all tend to do this too, also for Protection. This leaves a lot of us wandering the earth feeling like we have a large gaping while right in our chests. Like weve been robbed of something very sacred, something we cherished and knew well when we were kids, but as we grew the relentless onslaught upon our souls made us weary.

It started out as a survival technique, like I mentioned in my earlier post. As the years have gone on, people are starting to stop and ask why. Why do we do things this way. What is wrong with a different way?

yet, even with all the progress we have made, there are still many who live half lives with shattered soul parts, just surviving. Never asking the hard Questions to themselves, because they were never taught they were worth it.

This sickness needs to be mended, starting with our children and how we treat them, what we instill in them.

There’s a lot of talk these days about "embodying the divine feminine" and being an "awakened woman." The reality is that we cannot be a strong container of the power of the divine feminine if we have not yet addressed the places within us where we have felt banished and in exile from the Feminine.

Our first encounter with the Goddess was with our mothers. Until we have the courage to break the taboo and face the pain we have experienced in relation to our mothers, the divine feminine is another form of a fairy tale, a fantasy of rescue by a mother who is not coming. This keeps us in spiritual immaturity.

We have to separate the human mother from the archetype in order to be true carriers of this energy.

We have to de-construct the faulty structures within us before we can truly build new structures to hold it. Until we do this we remain stuck in a kind of limbo where our empowerment is short-lived and the only explanation for our predicament that seems to make sense is to blame ourselves. If we avoid acknowledging the full impact of our mother’s pain in our lives, we still remain to some degree, children.

Coming into full empowerment requires looking at our relationship with our mothers and having the courage to separate out our own individual beliefs, values, thoughts from hers.

It requires feeling the grief of having to witness the pain our mothers endured and processing our own legitimate pain that we endured as a result. This is so challenging but it is the beginning of real freedom. Once we feel the pain it can be transformed and it will cease creating obstacles in our lives.

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