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Reclaiming your voice

From a Life Fully Lived

the Alchemy of Love arises

and we return to the

gardens of embodiment, again.



Throughout history, women have been punished and shamed for claiming the right to their own inner authority. On many levels women have been conditioned to be invisible. Collectively and individually, we are in a state of transformation.

The culture sees desirable women as those that never say no, the ever-willing, the innocent angels or the self-sacrificing mother figures that coddle the fragile male psyche.

I had to work hard to reclaim my voice. I had to become sovereign, I had reclaim my wild instinctual inner being. I began to fully embody my integrity and became larger my fears, and my desires for approval from others. It took many years and many initiations, and it’s still a very long road ahead of me.

We need to work as a collective, cultivating the strength and resiliency that we have always had deep within us.

Many of us have watched our mothers, friends, aunts or other women in our lives stay silent and complicit in the face of abuse, disempowerment, and oppression in order to stay safe and accepted. This is all they knew, this was the only way to survive. As a result we became over-functioning, people-pleasing, never saying no, always giving and giving robots with a smile.

As we do this healing work on ourselves, the entire collective conscious responds. We are finally realizing the profound disconnection that we’ve lived with for generations, and we are ready to be liberated! To find liberation in the here and now, to return to a sense of wholeness and centeredness. To strengthen our connection to our bodies, our ancestors, and mother Earth.

In our patriarchal educational system we’ve been taught that we are separate from the world outside of us. But we know that we are an intimate part of nature and are in no way separate from her.

My offering is to see each one of you as the whole, complete, authentically recognized, and appreciated as sovereign beings that you are. 🙏

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