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For a very long time, the world has feared the power of the Witch and her connection to the spirit realms. We women have been persecuted for our magical and intuitive ways, and as a result, we’ve hidden our spiritual power—even from ourselves.

I don't consider myself a Witch, but I am told that much of what I do and believe in is "Witchy". It was very difficult for me to accept this label because of my conditioning. Whatever you want to call it, it has aided my retrieval of ancient rememberings, and ancestral healing, and soul pilgrimage.

I believe it is important to acknowledge the women who were persecuted and oppressed for their wisdom, medicine, and connection to the realms of spirit.

It is important to honor ancestral connection, working with your lineage to reclaim what has been lost.

In the depth of winter, the earth invites and reminds you to embrace the spirit of darkness, journeying into the forbidden liminal realms of ancient knowing.

It is a time of soul pilgrimage and working deep within the psyche. This is the season of the Witch, the Wise Woman, the Healer, the Sage, the Shaman, the Mystic.

For a very long time, feminine wisdom has been lost, buried, and hidden from us. As women, we’ve been burned at the stake for our earth-based wisdom and ways of healing, banned from our inheritance as spiritual leaders, and so much more.

Every attempt has been made to cut us off from our roots and heritage…from the rich mythical ecology of the sacred feminine…and the powerful magic that flows down to us from our Wise Women ancestors.

A woman who carries ancestral wisdom is unstoppable. She becomes a force of nature, awakening and unleashing her magic as she connects with the wisdom of the Earth, the voices of the Ancestors, and the guidance of the Skies above. Through this wisdom, she activates her inner Wise Woman.

Deep in my blood and bones, I remember when we as women would gather together in the roundhouse, embraced by the sacred circle of Life.

We had a gathering place, a place of women, where the Sacred Feminine could be revered. A place where we could celebrate the many faces of the goddess and the spirit of our ancestors…where we could feel the Wise Women of Old standing strong around us.

In order to converse with the wild feminine, a woman must temporarily leave the world and inhabit a state of aloneness in the oldest sense of the word."-Dr. Estés

A women must find a way to retreat from the everyday interpersonal world in order to recover that which has been repressed in this culture. Memories, feelings, sensations, and desires resurface in the deep silence.

The primal, instinctual mind can reawaken through contact with the natural world outside the walls of man. A child-like sense of wonder and enchantment may be restored, if only for brief moments of time, and more profound modes of listening and seeing become possible.

These are all forms of homecoming.

In A Circle of Stones: Woman’s Journey to Herself:

"A woman, searching for her self, must descend to her own depths . . . into a damp, echoing cavern, to sit and wait for that of her self which cannot be met in the upper world. To discover who she is, a woman must trust the places of darkness where she can meet her own deepest nature and give it voice . . . weaving the threads of her life into a fabric to be named and given."

Rise sovereign traveler, and awaken in holy awe. There is an ancient voice which sings in you what every religion strives to remember.


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