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Two powerful guides for unconscious reclamation and awakening

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Mother earths magic is rising up to nourish us,

as the sun moves into the sign of cancer it moves into its highest and most potential on and around June 21. Also known as Litha, it is the longest day and shortest night of the year.

There are many ways to celebrate, and use this time to be grateful for the abundance and prosperity that we have had during these warm months. What better way to honor our Earth mother than to learn about plant medicine, folklore, and our own ever changing seasons within?

One of my favorite herbs to work with is Mugwort. Mugwort is one of the first plants I ever worked with, because when you first start reconnecting with your wild instinctual nature, Earth medicines of all kinds will start calling to you.

Mugwort is a dreamtime herb, and a powerful guide into our deepest and darkest parts of our psyche. With the ability to create an altered state of consciousness mugwort guides and protects you as you travel through dreamland, either during sleep or daydreams, it also greatly enhances shamanic visioning and journey work.

Dreams are the voice of nature within us.

Mugwort can awaken intuition, stimulate lucid and prophetic dreams, induce astral projection or prophetic dreams.

Dreams may be the sacred place where human and cosmos meet and interact.

Mugwort, or Artemisia vulgaris grows abundantly around here. You can use the leaves and roots to make tea, tinctures, infusions, or for smudging/recaning ceremonies.

It is also known as the “women’s herb.” Because women are naturally intuitive, and mugwort has the amazing ability to enhance intuition and psychic awareness. If you want to go even deeper, do this during your moontime. During the four phases of our cycle, we experience different energy levels, as well as heightened intuition.

The effects of mugwort are more pronounced and active during sleep or trancelike states.

Women have the gift of ever changing, transformation, waxing and waning alongside sister moon. Just as the seasons exist outside of us those same seasons also live within us.

As we rediscover our cyclical nature and our deep connection to Mother Earth, we will be able to live from a place of deep authenticity, and Mugwort is a powerful guide, awakening and reconnecting to the sacred rhythms within.

This herb represents the goddess as Crone, Hecate, mugwort encourages wisdom and observation. I often burn mugwort when I am doing deep shadow, inner child healing, and trauma processing. It is an excellent aide for enhancing introspection, facing inner truths, and deep soulwork.

The Crone is the archetype of the wise woman. She is intuitive and all knowing , associated with the waning moon, she knows the power of transmutation, and the value of shadows. She reminds us to take on new perspectives and to trust ourselves and our own wildish and intuitive nature.

Dream analysis is a very powerful way to explore the unconscious realm, deepen self-awareness, and begin to bring light to defective, trauma patterns and behaviors so that we can begin to embody change, and reconnect to our inner strength and inner knowing.

Dreams are the psyche's attempt to communicate, but we are often so cut off that we don’t even notice. We have all been so cut off from our own inner workings, we don’t even know how to find our deep self.

This is why plant medicine, (especially mugwort) and dream analysis, when done correctly, can greatly deepen and awaken parts of our soul that have been tucked away, maybe our entire lives. They are direct connections to our unconscious psyche, where the unvarnished, natural truth resides.

If this is something that resonates with you or you feel like you want to know more, it could be your inner voice. We all know what we need deep within, we just need to be able and allow ourselves to listen. Cultural conditioning is a hard wall to break through, but we can do it.

I offer guidance, either to groups or individuals who seek reconnection with their lost soul parts. If this calls to you, its because your soul knows what you need to do to rebuild your inner fire.

Wishing you strength as you walk your path toward psychological integration, growth and wholeness. 🙏❤️

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