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Simple Art Exercises

I am so excited, I've been working on a new e-course, some guided meditations, and finding a space for rent so that SpiritEchoHealing can finally have a set home!

Simple Art Exercises

To me, art is an incredible gift for deep healing. It's the one time where you can step outside the box, and just authentically express yourself.

You do not have to be an artist, or good at art at all to benefit from these practices. The goal isn’t to create something incredible, the goal is to release all of that built up energy, allowing your innermost being to express all that cannot be said or logically thought about.

Calm the mind, and give your inner child a chance to play. Allow yourself to fully immerse into the experience, of simple creation.

Slow doodle

This can be done using a simple pen and any piece of paper. You might consider putting this in some sort of journal or sketchbook. You can repeat this practice whenever you’re experiencing heavy stress. I think you’ll find it very calming and fairly immediate.

Doodle a simple shape. Just one small shape in the corner of the page. Now repeat it. Slowly, again and again. Fill the page or create a design of your shapes.  Be intentional about your shape and size. I can change up my size to fill in the gaps but try my best to keep the same shape.

This is a wonderful calming, mindfulness practice.


Grab 4-6 of some favorite paint colors. Use them alternately to paint different sizes of squares and rectangles on your page. Fill the entire page. Challenge yourself not to have many of the same colors next to each other. Keep trying to fill in all the gaps with smaller squares until you feel like you’re finished. This enhances focus, concentration and patience.

Draw in the dark

Pick an object (whether you’re looking at it or just pick something in your imagination). Think about it for a minute. Now grab a pencil and a piece of paper and draw it. Whether it’s an outline or you want to go all out with every detail, draw it… in the dark so you can’t see the paper.

This is a fun and playful way to step out of your comfort zone, and explore new ways of thinking.

Feel free to share what you have created! I'd love to see!

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