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Soul loss

After a long hiatus, I am back from my pilgrimage.

I lose myself from time to time, with the occasional fleeting glimpse of my true, vibrant self.

I had a powerful experience with a friend of mine recently, whom I've always been very soulfully drawn to. I offered her a reading, because everything within me was pushing to do so.

The reading itself was quite profound, and I always tell my clients and friends to sit with it for a bit before we discuss anything. I don't want my thoughts to sway whatever they intuitively conjure.

Once we spoke the next day, it became very clear why I was so drawn to giving her a reading. She and I are quite similar in that we both have a deep connection to our intuitive nature, the place where mind and instincts mingle. The place where the ancient and wild vital self resides. The old one, the one who knows, lives within each of us.

Yet we both feel strangely disconnected, trapped in this strange and unfamiliar liminal space. A land between worlds. As if we stand between the worlds of rationality and mythos. The land of Nod, the home

Of the mist beings, the crack between worlds.

As if we have one foot in this world, and one in another. Not quite sure where we are or who we really are at times, and yet we find stories in every moment. Artists of symbolism and metaphor, with a thirst for life and a hunger to be fully alive. A fire that thrives in the deepest parts of the soul-psyche. The mythological voice of the deep psyche, speaks in metaphor and oracle. When one has experienced this wold between worlds, has called back the dead and dismembered aspects of self, we learn to sing from a knowing deep within the body, within the mind, and within the soul.

This makes me thing of soul loss, fragmented aspects of self that have been scattered and lost.

This contemplation brings me back to the story of La Loba. She teaches us that things of psychic value, once dead, can be revived. Stories begin in this inexplicable psychic land.

Lanlova, the old one in the desert, is a collector of bones. In archetypal symbology, bones represent the indestructible life force, they represent the indestructible soul-spirit.

We just find the indestructible life force-the bones. The soul shards. The indestructible wild self, the instinctual nature. Within us are the soul bones of the wild self. Within us is the potential to be fleshed out again.

We must sing the creation hymn we have been yearning to sing, breathing soul over the broken and scattered aspects of self.

We must sing over the bones.

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Very timely for me. I think many others as well.


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