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The gift

What an amazing journey it has been.

This divine archaeological dig into the depths of the psyche, the process of sacred excavation and soulful expansion.

There are many more layers than I initially anticipated, so many bones to uncover, stories to be told, sung, even bellowed.

For the longest time I found myself stumbling, unblinking amongst these dry, sun drenched bones. Overwhelmed and lost, surrounded by the fragments that I had recovered during my excavation.

Gently singing the deep soul song, my spirit song, I began to breathe life back into them.

And now they are dancing in the vast and endless desert of the psyche, kicking up clouds of sand in their elation at being uncovered.

As I wipe the sweat from my brow and take a long, grateful sip of water, I am nourished and humbled by this experience.

Life feels like a wild jumble of autumn sunrises on ancient sites, sacred ceremonies in wild woodlands blessed by red doe deer, frantic harvesting of our apples, potatoes and pumpkins, gathering the last of the sights and smells and epic experiences before we dive under the blanket of winter.

Inspiration has been coming to me thick and fast, in a wild and ungainly fashion. I am at that phase where I am not sure anything will develop into something beautiful but my hands are full of seeds waiting to sprout and I can't get them down fast enough.

“We live in a kind of dark age, craftily lit with synthetic light, so that no one can tell how dark it has really gotten. But our exiled spirits can tell. Deep in our bones resides an ancient singing couple who won't give up making their beautiful, wild noise. The world won't end if we can find them.”

― Martin Prechtel

The creative matrix is a terrifying abyss because it contains both demons and angels. Some people are overwhelmed by the demons of the past; I guess we all are at some point. But that matrix is where the new seeds are. When life becomes boring and your job is no longer exciting or your marriage is no longer satisfactory, you have to find new life, and that means dropping into that matrix. It often looks like depression. It's black at first because you are in a psychic womb. It's terrifying. Some people can't take it. But every artist knows that's where you've got to go if you're going to find the new light.


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