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The instinctual within

She is dark goddess energy personified, a dweller of the night.  With wisdom of the crone, she embraces and honors the sacred balance of life, the cyclical nature of being. She knows what wounds need mending leading with Soul.

Deep in the forest, she gathers bones, the soul shards of the broken, and breathes life back into them.

She fearlessly sings her deep song of the soul, in  a world that is mostly deaf. Like Morrigan, Baba Yaga, Hecate, and persephone, she holds deep ancestral wisdom, instinct, and inner knowing.

Within her sacred darkness, she also holds divine light, like the light that journeys through the cosmos, to the earth that yearns to feel it’s warmth, to illuminate the shadows, with gentle and nourishment for the soul.

The light within her honors the dark, and the dark in return, honors the light.

Filling the wounds of deep sorrow, with profound soul medicine.

She is the wild, instinctual within, the true self, fearlessly unleashing the wild and true self; healing and sheltering the wild nature within and around her.

Women throughout history have suffered from a lack of authentic validation of their psychological lives, a silencing of their gifts, and their desire for creative freedom that is self-determined and not dictated by patriarchal society.

The instinctive nature that resides within us, the one who creates with passion and abandon, the one who hears the impulses that arise from the soul and acts on them. She is accessed by our strong intuition, in acts of creation, in childbirth, lovemaking, time in nature and she gives us joy and connection to the lifeforce

The Wise Woman strives to create from the edges, not from the mangled, mediocre middle.

earthy and raw, the true self, the instinctual nature, the wild self of the woman

where life is measured by the depth of longing to remember ones own wholeness.

gathering bones is the remembering and reviving the aspects of ourselves have lain dormant in a culture that fails to support women’s psychospiritual vitality and liberation.

I’ve been on a journey of remembering and reclamation for over ten years, honoring the earth based feminine wisdom left in my blood and bones. I believe that this wisdom is awakening inside so many of us in these times of transformation and change, and my greatest passion is connecting women to the wisdom of their ancestors.

"She is the banshee in the night that forces you to stare at your fears head on until you confront yourself.

She is the acceptance that darkness does not equate to evil and Light does not equate to good.

She is the ancient, primal blood that pulses through the heart and soul of the Earth, the mystery of the Ravens that shapeshift through time and the Wolves that howl and hunt and bring us home."

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