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Spirit Echo Healing doesn't just offer online therapies.  



I hold workshops

sacred healing circles

and deeply healing ceremonies, online and in person.

These practices are playful and fun, but also profoundly healing.  I combine various therapeutic activities to create a balanced and wholesome experience.


Some of what you might see in my workshops:

 Intuitive process art

Immersive meditation

Art Journaling

Working with Sacred Plant Medicine

Mindfulness exercises

Nature crafts

Earth based spirituality

If you're more interested in learning these techniques for yourself, for your own personal growth or to start holding your own workshops and ceremonies, I offer training for any and all of the healing modalities I use.



Trainings I offer:

Sound Healer Training

Reiki Attunement

The art of Sacred Ceremony

The basic psychology of trauma

How to hold space for others

Different ways to create sacred space

Deepening intuition 

Dream interpretation

Tarot reading

Sacred plant medicine

Archetypal symbology

The art of metaphor

Stories as medicine

In all of my trainings you will get a better understanding of the science of these practices, and their profound effect on the psyche.  You will learn the ancient wisdom and history behind these practices, and how to honor this practice with respect and gratitude.


Sacred Ceremony:

Ceremony is what brings light to the mundane, it enhances intuitive guidance and profound messages.  Ceremony is a way to remind yourself to be mindful, grateful, and fully present. 

Every single ceremony is different, it is entirely dependent on the energy of the group, or the individual if you're practicing privately.

When we gather in ceremony to celebrate transitions or events, rites of passage, express our gratitude, honor our ancestors, honor ancient wisdom, to ask for guidance and help, and to honor all that is sacred in life.  

It is important to remember that this is a highly spiritual experience, and the roots of sacred ceremony run deep. 

When we practice sacred ceremony, we must do so with deep respect for mother earth and ancestral wisdom.

We must always remember to honor the ancestors, the wisdom keepers, the spirit guides, and the ancient ones.  

Here is the link to my events page so you can see what's coming up, in person and online.

If you can't make it to any listed event, or would like to hold a private event in your home or business, we can always create and schedule our own, intricately designed and perfectly tailored experience to meet your needs, and the needs of anyone you may decide to invite. 

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