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Creative Art Expression

Combining psychology with creative process to promote healing and deep integration.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Online, or custom location of your choice

Service Description

Available online or in person. A unique, multifaceted and individually tailored approach that will help you dig into the contents of your being and tap into the fractured aspects of self that need healing. These methods are fun, freeing and nourishing. You do not need to be an artist, or creative at all. This is all about the process, it's about allowing yourself to let go of expectations and have fun. Honor your connection with Spirit as substance and source of creativity, imagination, playfulness and expression. Process arts accesses the intuitive, body-based intelligence within us. Process arts involve a way of being with your creative process and the innate wisdom within you. These emotionally explorative practices will guide you through creative self-expression, enabling you to access and love those neglected parts of yourself With your authentic expression, you will create a powerful tool for manifestation, meditation, introspection, and healing. Unlimited possibilities will emerge as your inner most feelings present themselves in your unique process. What to expect: Each session begins with a grounding exercise using breath awareness and gentle movement. Play, strengthened intuition, experimentation, break-throughs in stagnant corners, and art that is alive and connected to your story. Art-making, mindfulness, and creative process help you to better understand, examine, and express your innermost feelings and authentic emotions. Personalized expressive art, meditation, breathwork, and somatic exercises will help you establish healthy patterns, cultivate "Sukha" (Good space) and eliminate "Dukha" (Bad space). Creative prompts and expressive art techniques will help you reclaim your creative power and realize your true nature. In-depth art and writing, which will allow you to gently release deep pain and trauma, while fully supported in a safe and nurturing environment. Work with inspiring imagery to access your creative unconscious mind. You may also learn about: The Science of the Chronic Stress Response How trauma affects the nervous system Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Awareness Vagus Nerve Toning Inner child healing Neuroplasticity- Brain Rewiring Somatic Movement and Presence practices Trauma Healing Principles Breath Work and Immersive meditation Daily practices for mind/body integration *Materials will be provided for in person sessions.

Contact Details


Linwood, New Jersey, USA

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