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Shamanic Journey Work

Shamanic rhythms create theta states within the brain, activating higher levels of consciousness.

  • 1 h
  • 50 US dollars
  • Your home, or custom location

Service Description

Activate altered states of consciousness with specific rhythms and styles, as the vibrations dissolve energy blocks, restores balance and connection to ancestral wisdom, deepens our connection with nature and spirit, and enable us to access inner wisdom through a meditative state. The Native drum represents the Universe, and the beating of the drum is the heartbeat of the Universe. Shamanic practices are ancient techniques that realign you with the energy of Mother Earth, your spirit guides, and your ancestors to bring deeply transformative healing. Reconnect to your primal nature and ancient wisdom, your spirit guides, animal allies, and your ancestors, and access the realms of innate healing knowledge, and deep introspective work. These ancient practices are so powerful, and tap so deeply into the human mind, that they shatter our ego, break through limiting beliefs and cultural conditioning. Relax into an expanded state as you go into deeper levels of conscious connection. Access the wisdom of the Earth and receive guidance and support as the ego moves away, allowing your higher self to emerge, revealing inner truth, reclaiming your own sacred voice, and embody your own personal medicine. Guidance is given on creating and sitting in sacred circle in communion with the great spirit all around you. Ceremony reminds us of the interconnectedness of all things, and that everything has a spirit of its own. Ceremony turns mundane daily rituals into magical experiences of gratitude and awareness. Simply bring a blanket, yoga mat, and pillow.

Contact Details


Linwood, New Jersey, USA

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