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Shamanic Soul Fragment Integration

A powerful combination of shamanic emotional clearing techniques

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 150 US dollars
  • Linwood

Service Description

I will lead you into a deep, relaxed theta state, you will be guided into the shamanic realms where you will meet your Spirit Guide. Your Spirit Guide will be your ally & companion leading you to your own sacred space where you can heal old wounds & traumas. You may also speak to your Higher Self here & other Divine Allies, seeking spiritual guidance & receiving messages. In this place you may inquire & learn about your sacred mission in this lifetime, your dormant gifts & how to reclaim them, how to step into your power & create the life you desire & deserve! Shamanic Reiki Shamanic Reiki utilizes various techniques which can help gently remove blocks or stagnant energy which may limit you from living a full healthy life. A session may include the use of drumming, crystals, guided breath, sound healing and aromatherapy with the intention to fill the empty space with channeled life force energy. Shamanic practices are ancient techniques used to align you with Source, earth’s energy, your spirit guides and Higher Spirit for transformative healing work. Reiki is a practice of channeling energy, laying on hands or simply working in your aura or energy field to facilitate healing. When we synergize these two practices, we amplify the healing power of each, allowing deeper clearing and balancing at all levels of mind, body and spirit. Energetic Emotional Release Release deep or stagnant emotional wounds and patterns from your body. Find a new way to relate to yourself. Experience release in your mental, physical, emotional, and psychological bodies. Your session will include a synchronistic flow of modalities to pinpoint and dust off key areas in your life that have been holding you back. Shadow Work and Soul Fragment Integration Are your worn-out thoughts, emotional patterns, hiding or playing small preventing you from fully living and expressing yourself in your life? Shadow work is a powerful healing tool and it is simply becoming aware of what’s hidden and gradually integrating those aspects of yourself. Suppressed wounds, pains, childhood experiences, trauma, and past memories becomes shadows. Behind every shadow, there is a special gift and power that is ready to be unleashed and embraced. During the session, you would travel through time and space, to the initial experience where you created core wounds/energies and transmuted them into light energy. At the end, you would integrate the healed soul fragments into your collective energy.

Contact Details

  • Linwood, New Jersey, USA


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