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Somatic Experiencing

Neuroscience-backed, movement-based sessions

  • 1 h
  • 85 US dollars
  • Linwood

Service Description

Neuroscience-backed, movement-based sessions that effectively integrate mind and body, so that you can experience full-body shifts while strengthening your ability to deeply connect to yourself and others. A primary goal of your body is to keep itself/you safe. Within your being is a history of experiences, both your own and those of who came before you, which influence your perceptions of the world, the sensations you feel, and the choices you make. Your nervous system adapts based on these experiences in an attempt to attune itself to best meet your current environment. However, on occasion, your body may hold onto a pattern that is no longer optimal. Sometimes your nervous system gets stuck perceiving danger where there is none, or conversely missing important cues when a threat truly is present. These misperceptions can make you more prone to repeated injury, they can cause sensations of pain when there is no tissue damage, they can release biochemical cascades directing physiology to act in suboptimal ways, and they can cue reactive emotions that don’t appropriately meet current circumstances. While your body may have the best of intentions, these misperceptions can prevent you from living a full, comfortable, and connected life. When someone experiences a traumatic event, the trauma will reside in their body. However, unlike most forms of therapy, Somatic Experiencing does not focus on evoking traumatic memories. Instead, it approaches the memories through the body, promoting a safer and more comfortable bodily experience. Some techniques include: Grounding exercises Guided imagery Bodily awareness and sensations Mindfulness Boundary strengthening Emotional resources Tension and emotional release Breathwork

Contact Details

  • Linwood, New Jersey, USA


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