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Designing life with conscious attention
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This is for you if...

You struggle with your mental health

You currently struggle or have struggled with addiction

You feel lost, unfocused, or unmotivated

You feel disconnected and distant

You struggle to maintain a balanced life

You have lost your excitement for life

 You want to gain a deeper understanding of yourself

You're ready to do the work of deep inner healing

You're excited to start enhancing your life

You want to create a mindset that empowers you instead of sabotaging you

You're struggling with burn out, brain fog, and fatigue

 You are looking to recalibrate your soul and live a fulfilling life 




I will guide you in releasing old energies

by looking deeper at your emotional landscape,

and opening up space for you to reclaim your authentic self.

Shadow on the Wall
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A unique approach...


​I offer a highly adaptive, innovative, multifaceted approach to support and empower you as you step into alignment with your own instinctual nature. Integrating evidence based and creative methods to refine and re-ignite your driving force, deeply nourishing and guiding you on your journey to wholeness and alignment.

When we are hurt, we begin to close down and become very small, we start to separate from our authentic soul center and we become fragmented, our self view then becomes very limited.   


Our habitual conditioning is to run away from the pain, bury it deep somewhere and try to forget it.  Unfortunately, trauma can become trapped in the body, manifesting as different emotions like anxiety, anger, and depression.  Trauma can also manifest as physical pain! 








I offer individual and group sessions, classes, workshops and sacred ceremony.  


I know how disheartening the endless search for a therapist can be.  It's hard enough when you're struggling to even reach out, let alone call multiple doctors and therapists and pray they can get you in.  I am here for you for those in-between times, when you're struggling to find a therapist, or looking to implement complementary medicine into your regular therapy experience.

To see the therapies and classes I offer, click the link below.




Restore and deepen your authentic connection to divine energy. Gently guiding you to engage with your own wisdom and inner knowing, to cultivate wholeness and expansion. Enrich your life and go far beyond old stories and limitations.





Unveiling the Shadow


Available on line and in person

Individual or group sessions

Therapies incorporate techniques from:

Jungian based, depth oriented concepts, 

Creative and intuitive process art exercises,

Free association writing exercises,

Creative visualization techniques,

Bodywork including massage, facials, and reflexology,

Somatic practices,

Inner child healing,

Dialectical behavioral therapy techniques,

Sound healing and Sound healer training,

Reiki healing and Reiki attunement,

Concepts from Core Energetics and Radical Aliveness, 

Conscious embodiment,

Sacred plant medicine and Earth based practices,

Active imagination,

The art of metaphor,

stories as medicine,

creating and holding sacred space,

Guided meditation and breathwork.








These profound tools enable us is to dig deep down, to the original source of pain, and work outward from there. Many of us have trauma and inner child wounds that we have neglected. Which lead to unexplained triggers, patterns and reactions that are unhealthy and can lead to many unwanted consequences.