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Exploring Emotional Landscapes

  • 30Days
  • 24Steps
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This free 7-day emotionally cathartic eCourse has absolutely no time limit, so you can do it at your leisure. There's no rush. No special talent or art experience necessary, go at your own pace. This course is pre-recorded so there will be no live interaction, however, you may feel free to comment and share and talk with others in the group, or contact Sean personally at any time. Each day will begin with a conscious embodiment/intuitive movement exercise, followed by the expressive arts lesson and activity, we will end with soothing guided meditation and breathwork. This course was designed to be accessible for everyone, so you don't need a ton of art supplies. A pen and paper will work just fine, but feel free to incorporate whatever mediums you'd like into your creative practice. These methods help to dislodge stuck trauma in the body, and support you to see and integrate the repressed psychological patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back, while opening the door to conscious expansion. -Develop a richer, fuller understanding of yourself -An explorative journey into the inner world of the psyche -Dissolve energetic imprints in the body caused by trauma -Transformative video sessions and powerful daily practices to regulate the nervous system -Somatic practices to increase our aliveness -Bringing vision to your life and living in alignment with your highest self -Subconscious Integration, transforming our perception of past experiences

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Spirit Echo Conscious Healing Community

Spirit Echo Conscious Healing Community

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