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Accessing Intuition Creative Workshop

  • 14Days
  • 5Steps
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I invite you to journey into the profound world of intuitive art and writing! Using art to express your inner, authentic being enables you to reconnect to lost aspects of self, enabling you to see what you need to acknowledge and integrate healing into your life. Once we acknowledge these wounds, once we nurture and accept them, we are able to move into a more balanced, integrated and authentic existence. Whatever you resist or suppress in your shadow will continue to manifest in the form of reoccurring life lessons. When we continue to push down what feels unacceptable to our normal awareness, the more our shadows will rise into our conscious awareness. This sort of work enables you to meet those aspects of yourself with neutrality and grace. This work allowed aspects of myself to blend and come into alignment, allowing me to channel creativity and inner knowing. Realigning with the wild within. Intuitive expression is a powerful way to see deep within you, what needs to healing, what needs love, what needs to grow, and what just wants to be heard. This is sacred work, the work of the soul. Together we will unlock ancient dormant codes that have longing to come alive within you. Awakening to your innate and sacred inner knowing, the tools of intuitive process art and stream of conscious writing will provided me you profound healing, and give a voice to all that is within you.

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