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Creative Writing Prompt-exploring color

Creative prompt for exploring color

Creative prompts are such a wonderful jumping off point for art making. Here’s a creative prompt I created for exploring colours. Colour is such an important part of our visual and spacial experience. It can create an atmosphere, soothe and stimulate our senses. In our homes we tend to collect objects, clothing and art materials of colours that we are drawn to. There is inspiration around us all the time…

Creative Prompt for Exploring Colour

Imagine a color that makes you feel calm,

Look around your home for objects that are this color,

Take some time to gather and place these items in a special place. Meditate. Observe. Use your senses, imagination, and your intuition.

✨Dismantle when you feel it's time to let it go.

Color therapy, also known as chromotherapy, is a form of therepy that uses color and light to treat certain mental and physical health conditions. We can trace this form of therapy back to the ancient Egyptians. They made use of sun-filled rooms with colored glasses for therapeutic purposes.

At some point, we’ve all experienced the ways in which color can affect us. For some people, seeing the green in nature on their daily run is an instant mood booster or they instantly feel a little better wearing a favorite yellow dress. The practice of color therapy can be traced to Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which claims that the application of certain colors can correct imbalances in our body's chakras.

👍 Here’s my response to my creative prompt,

As I pictured this color, I realized that I've been using a lot of pink and orange in my art lately, not even really noticing how drawn to these colors I have become. Writing about them and paying more attention has made me think a bit deeper about why I have been choosing these colors in my work, what do they mean to me? They're bright, they're cheerful, they radiate positive energy, and they seem to stimulate mental activity.

I love this prompt because it's easy for things in our environment to become unseen or become background noise. So this prompt really asks you to pay attention to your environment as if you are seeing it for the first time. And you already have everything you need to do this. It's waiting for you to take creative action, all you need to do is pick a colour…

  1. Gather together some colourfuls items.

  2. Find a location you might like to set up your installation in.

  3. Play around with your arrangment until you feel complete.

  4. Allow your senses to bathe in the visual and spatial elements you have created.

  5. Take a photo for your memory!

  6. When you are ready dismantle your colour installation.

FYI Did you know?

"Studies have shown that brain receptors affect color choice in humans. We usually prefer certain colors depending on the environment in which we live, the weather, and the amount of light reflected from different objects, and sometimes we remain interested in one color for a long time or lose interest in another color. Most psychologists believe that our brain interprets colors with reason, and therefore each color affects us differently. Nurses, for example, usually wear blue because most people find blue a soothing color. Or the feeling we have acquired about red is related to danger and blood, and this causes anxiety in most people."

Much love,

And I would love to hear your responses to this prompt! 🥰

Sean Kathleen

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