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Grungy Wooden Surface
Arduinna of the Forest

Arduinna of the Forest

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This Moss Agate Pendant is named for the Gaulish woodland Goddess Arduinna.


Arduinna is associated with wild nature, mountains, rivers, and forests.


Moss agate is a form of chalcedony, which is a cryptocrystalline form of silica. It features green minerals within, forming patterns akin to moss, hence its nature-inspired name.


With a strong connection to the Earth, moss agate is also known to be an incredible grounding stone.  It is said to encourage growth, fertility, and abundance, as well as boost your creativity and optimism.  The grounding influence of this crystal will help you maintain your connection to the earth. You will be filled with the desire to spend your days outdoors, communing with nature, and basking in the natural beauty that’s simply everywhere.


The spiritual meaning of Moss Agate is all about new beginnings. This gemstone is said to promote growth, fertility, and abundance.  It can also help you to manifest your goals and dreams by boosting your creativity and optimism.


Moss Agate is also a protective stone, which can shield you from negative energy and help to keep you grounded.




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