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Grungy Wooden Surface
River Willow

River Willow

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A calming blue opal cabochon wrapped in solid antiqued copper wires. 


Blue Opal is a blue or blue-green stone found mostly in North and South America that is one of a few stones with adularescence, which is an internal iridescent glow more commonly found in Moonstones. Blue Opal meaning is focused on releasing blocks, stress, and tension to improve awareness, communication, and creativity.


Blue Opal harnesses the energy of the blue skies and blue oceans, helping you feel free, floaty, and flowing in the right direction. It’s a stone that resonates with truth, freedom, and expression, with incredibly cleansing energy that carries away all that is not aligned with those values.


Its gentle but constant energy has powerful effects. A great reliever for stress, Blue Opal brings calm, clarity, and gentleness into your perception, allowing you to flow with more ease around any apparent obstacles along your life’s path.


An emotionally attuned stone, Blue Opal awakens your psychic senses and heightens your perception, making it easier to connect with a sense of peace and perfection in your life, no matter your circumstances, and helping you make better and more aligned decisions that will propel your spirit into more freedom and joy!


Cleanse & Recharge

The best way to cleanse Blue Opal is to return it to its natural element of water, letting it cleanse under some running water, or set in a safe spot in a river or stream for a few hours, or even near a running body of water. This will help cleanse your opal of the negative energy it has taken on, and recharge it with the soothing, flowing energy of water that it contains.


JEWELRY CARE: Copper will naturally darken and antique even more over time, however it is very easy to polish with a jewelry polishing cloth, or even steel wool. If you need any help with caring for and maintaining your piece, please feel free to message me!

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