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Self Love Goddess Small  Box

Self Love Goddess Small Box

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It is the perfect spiritual gift set for any woman in your life. The Goddess Box will help fill her life with relaxation, joy, and spiritual wonder. 


Using unique combinations of mostly hand crafted earth-friendly products, this gift will open her mind and spirit to a new world of spiritual awakening. Inside the box, she'll find the highest quality essential oils to bring the power of aromatherapy into her home and balance her energy. The one-of-a-kind oracle card will help her tap into her inner wisdom and gain insights into her spiritual path.

This goddess box is created to foster a daily spiritual practice that also helps and encourages to align with the moon phases!

Make her feel truly special with the Goddess Box. This spiritual gift set will elevate her practice and help her journey to self-discovery. Get the ultimate witchy experience with the Goddess Box and fill her life with self-care, reflection, ritual, and peace.


Pick the items you want, or pick the "Suprise" box!


Fully customizable, you pick the theme, colors and scents.


Choose from:

  • Handmade Botanical Bath Salts & Soak
  • Handmade Crystal Infused Candles
  • Handmade Crystal infused sprays, Aura Mists, Smudge Sprays, and more
  • Handmade Botanical Bath and Body Oils
  • Sustainably Harvested Plants, Crystals and Gemstones
  • Handmade Sacred Herb Bundles
  • Gemstone Gua Sha Tools
  • Handmade Botanical Skincare
  • Nourishing Face Masks
  • Handmade Botanical Bath Bombs
  • Handcrafted Wire Wrapped Pendants, Rings, and Bracelets
  • Mindfully Created Herbal Teas
  • Sustainable Home Products
  • Tarot and Oracle Card Decks


Each Box comes with additional suprise goodies.


All ingredients and items are ethically and sustainable sourced.


Optional: You can add a handcrafted Wire Wrapped Pendant, or a handmade art journal with prompts from my shop for an additional cost!



Each Box comes with a lovingly handwritten note, with inspiration for self love ritual/ceremony ideas, and detailed instructions with ingredients list.


  • Great for self care and self love rituals


  • Wonderful handmade gifts for loved ones.


All items are infused with Healing Reiki Energy, and given a Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath before they are mindfully packaged and sent to your home.


  • X-Small Box includes: Two items plus one suprise gift -$40
  • Small Box includes: Three items plus one suprise gift -$60
  • Medium Box includes: Four items plus one suprise gifts -$70
  • Large Box includes: Five items plus two suprise gifts -$80
  • X-Large Box includes: Six items plus two suprise gifts -$100



Self care looks different for everyone.  Sometimes it's lighting a candle and soaking in the tub, sometimes it's expressive art journaling or just journaling.  Sometimes it's using sustainable, eco friendly items in your home, and sometimes it's consulting your oracle or tarot cards.  Sometimes it's aromatherapy, and sometimes it's a good gua sha facial treatment.  Whatever calls to your innermost being, these soul vitamins will surely nourish your tired spirit.


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