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Garden of Sound

Immersive multisensory spiritual voyage of sound

  • 1 h
  • 100
  • Location of your choice (your home or business)

Service Description

Garden of Sound Experience a relaxing soundscape enhancing your meditative state and entire being. Achieve deeper degrees of introspection, emotional growth, spiritual transformation and serenity. Garden of Sounds offers unique Certified Healing Frequencies, Universal Harmonics, Planetary and Cosmic Tones. Relax and resonate with a diversity of sounds such as Native American flutes, Tingshas, Certified Healing Tibetan Bowls and Chimes. Garden of Sounds is a one of a kind evolutionary experience recommended for every individual, couple and group at least once in their lifetime! Garden of Sounds is a spiritual immersion of healing vibration, vocalization, awakening bell, crystal singing bowl, tuning forks and meditative drumming. This beautiful and unique healing journey assists with aligning to your authentic self and feeling a deep sense of well-being. Experience a complete re-balancing of your 7 major energy centers, called the chakras, through this blend of aromatherapy, crystal intention, guided visualization, and sound vibration. In this immersive, multisensory spiritual voyage you will receive a sound bath with the healing vibrations of voice, drumming, crystal singing bowls, native flutes, all leading you to your true nature through the power of sound. Drumming into energy centers and calling back fragmented parts of yourself. Singing in close proximity to all of the bodily chakras to balance and enliven them, this process is meant to awaken the life force within your will center and bring restoration and alignment.

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Linwood, New Jersey, USA

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