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Reiki Energy Therapy

Universal spiritual energy work using gentle hands-on methods

  • 1 hour
  • 50 US dollars
  • your home, or custom location

Service Description

Reiki is the channeling of the life force energy of our universe, or the purpose of energetic alignment and healing. Universal spiritual energy work using gentle hands-on methods to promote physical and emotional healing, cultivating stillness, rest, and deep relaxation. By tapping into the flow of energy that moves through everything in the universe, your practitioner can guide this energy to the places where your energy body and spirit are in most need. Through this noninvasive therapy, Reiki, or "Ray of light" your practitioner harnesses universal energy to help promote balance and wellbeing. When the practitioner puts their hands over you, they act as a conduit to move universal energy into and around your body, releasing blockages and rebalancing your energy systems, stimulating your immune system, and help heal spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical wounds. All you need is a blanket, pillow and yoga mat. During this session you may experience deep relaxation, emotional releases, warmth and tingling sensations as the energy moves through your body.

Contact Details


Linwood, New Jersey, USA

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