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Healing Female Shame

Dismantling patriarchy and healing intergenerational patterns requires that we break the taboo of silence around seeing how our mothers may have passed down patriarchal values down to us. How she may have had to reject her own humanity to survive and how we may be playing those patterns out in our lives now as adults.

This work is humbling and deep—and it’s the work of our times.

as new insights rise to the surface of our awareness about what patterns we inherited. They’re not working both collectively and personally—and, we are exhausted. We are seeing the futility of these patterns to bring us the connection we long for. We are realizing the profound disconnection that we’ve lived with for generations and this new perspective is motivating us to commit to our own healing process to create real change. Our mothers and grandmothers may not have the capacity or willingness to grow, evolve or understand what it is that we are doing.

If we want to create a world where each child feels safe, loved, and respected, then we need to do this for the child within ourselves. Breaking the legacy of female shame requires that we become the loving mothers to ourselves that we always wanted.

It takes committed effort to disrupt dysfunctional patterns. This is our work. It’s not easy but there is deep soul-nourishment in the work.

Perfectionism is a dead-end. Nourishment comes from honoring our humanity, our truth, integrity, our own organic timing, and the messy, authentic beauty of life.

Truth can be painful but it’s always fortifying. Truth is always solid ground for the next steps.

Needing support isn’t shameful, it’s human. We all need and deserve quality support.

A shameful narrative is never true. There is validity and dignity to every step on the human journey. We blossom and grow best with love. Love includes both tenderness AND fierceness.

Mature adulthood involves owning your missteps honestly without shaming yourself.

A sovereign adult does not try to change another adult to feel safe. Our safety lies within.

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